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Dreaming Arts

Healing Spirit

“I’m very grateful for your help Lore, it’s been transformational”

– Andy

Soulore Solaris (Lore) has over 20 years experience in shamanism and the healing arts. A natural intuitive healer, Lore began communicating with spiritual beings and developed clairvoyance as a child. He studied psychology and counselling at the University of Sydney and has worked in a variety of settings including 3 years work with indigenous communities in central Australia, 4 years working in Drug and alcohol rehabilitation, art therapy and transpersonal counselling. Lore has lived over 4 years in South America, including 4 journeys to the Amazon, where he studied music and traditional healing including medicine plant ceremonies. Lore believes in the integration of traditional and indigenous wisdom and practice with contemporary methods and settings relevant to our “western” emotional and mental conditions. He is a qualified massage therapist from Mettes Institute. Lore is currently based in Sydney and the Blue Mountains, NSW Australia, where he offers an range of services. Lore facilitates sacred music ceremonies in various locations, where he is also available for individual sessions please feel free to contact for enquiries and bookings.

Integrative Therapies – contact to make a booking or enquiry

Kahuna Massage & Shamanic Healing

Re-energise your body & mind with this beautiful form of body work that originates from Hawaiian shamanic traditions. Sessions with Lore take participants on a deep healing journey that touches the soul. Sessions may include healing emotional & physical trauma, past life healing, soul retrieval and reconnection. Kahuna is a deeply relaxing and flowing massage that re-balances mind & emotion with body & soul, which creates lasting feelings of love peace, harmony and well being.

“I can’t recommend Lore and Healing Spirit enough. It is much more than just massage ! Lore facilitates a cellular level healing. We were able to resolve some repititive nightmares that had been plaguing me for the best part of two decades through one treatment. I had been searching for a solution for years. Very grateful for Lore.” – Nicky

Integrative counselling &
Spiritual Guidance

Sessions with Lore are focussed on self-empowerment and integration of mind, emotion, body and spirit. Lore guides participants in uncovering inner resources able to create pathways to clarity, peace and happiness manifest in life. Sessions focus on the integration of love and relationships, work and life choices, family, dreams, visions and spiritual experiences.

“Amazing benefits seeing Soulore. Moved me forwards positively with my own life. Very direct and clear with his work with a solid background of his own work which is very trust worthy”. – James

Energetic and Metaphysical Healing

These sessions facilitate energy movement and flow that restore clarity in the emotional and auric fields of the body. Using metaphysical and psychic abilities Lore is able clear and cleanse energy fields removing emotional and psychic wounds, working with forces of nature, spirit guides and ancestors, to reconnect, integrate and strengthen health and conscious awareness through the body and mind.

Retreats and Healing Circles

Ceremonial work is powerful for reconnecting and honouring the land, the forces of nature within and without us, our ancestors and healing spirits. We use music, meditation and cleansing processes to create strong fields of healing intention for profound self-knowing and spiritual awakening.

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